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Canton Announcements

General announcements about upcoming events, either through the Canton or through other parts of the West Kingdom.

Falcon's Treaty April 20th,2013

posted Mar 5, 2013, 7:31 PM by Rory Brooks

Canton of Caer Darth (Ed Levin Park, Milpitas, CA)

Attention rapier fighters, come fight in the Nine Lives and "How Many
Thugs Can You Handle?" tournaments. Guild of Defense Prizes will be
fought this day. There will be great rapier classes for all skill
levels. For those that favor cheering on the fighters from the
sidelines there will be much merriment for you as well. All fighters
must come to the event prepared to introduce themselves to the
gallery. This introduction can be done by the fighter, a herald/bard
of their choosing, or they could "rent" a herald/bard at the event for
the day. In addition, during the lunch break we will have a bardic
contest, where each entrant can either perform: An alternative
introduction for a fighter OR A brief retelling of a dramatic moment
in the tournament OR An entertaining description of a most terrific
death by a fighter that day. More information about the tournaments,
fighter introductions, and more merriment see below.

Site Information: Ed Levin Park, Spring Valley Area. Take your best
route to Hwy 680, take the E. Calaveras Blvd. Exit and head up into
the hills. The site will be on the right side of the road a bit after
you enter the park.

Site Hours: 9:30am-5pm Site Fee: $10 for members, $15 for
non-members, children 6 and under free.

Autocrat: Norinna O'Shaughnessy (Lori Bush), dragonflyvert@gmail.com

RMIC: Rory Jamesson (Rory Brooks), raccoonbrooks@gmail.com

Nine Lives Tourney

Objective: Accumulate as many lives from opponents as possible before loosing your nine


Start: Each fighter receives nine uniquely colored/marked tokens. One for each life. First

fights will be paired on comparable skill level. White scarf vs. White Scarf/ Guildmaster, newly

authorized vs. newly authorized.

Winning fighter of each bought will receive one of his/her opponents life tokens. Lives won

are not given up. Pairs my choose number of fights before containing to next opponent. Which

may be any open fighter. Fighters loosing all their lives may continue to fight but no score will be

added and they may not collect tokens from other fighters.

Winner will be the one who has won the most lives after all but one fighter has lost all their

lives. Variation: Points also given for number of different people someone has fought. 18 fights

against 9 people equals 27 points. 18 fights against 8 people equals 26 points.

Multiplying Thugs Challenge
Highest ratio wins. Can fighter hold off multiple fighters (thugs)? Starts with one fighter facing off against two fighters. If a thug is killed. Two fighters take that thugs place making three, four, five.... If no thug is killed in twenty seconds another thug is added.    Fighter can add to his side but ratio does change.  5 thugs to 1 fighter= 10 thug to 2 fighters. Each fighter gets 2 (3?) lives.

Overdue updates - January 2012 Edition

posted Jan 20, 2012, 1:19 PM by Tim Converse

I apologize for not having updated the site in awhile.  As you may or may not know there is a move to bring all branch sites under one roof with the Kingdom website and I have been working with the Kingdom Web Team a little on that.

A couple of quick notes:

1 - I have updated the Canton Calendar to reflect all the events coming up through to next 12th Night.
2 - We have several events coming up right away including the Hawks Haven Archery Tourney, MdR Prize Tourney, Falcon's Treaty and Whiteshield 25!  Check out this site, the Baronial Website and the Kingdom Website for additional information.
3 - The College of St. Davids is becoming active again.  I hope to see more building there but so far things look promising.  There is a Facebook group for the College.
4 - We are adding an additional weekly A&S evening on Tuesdays.  Check out the calendar for more information.


Baron Santiago

September Meeting - 9/13/2011

posted Sep 2, 2011, 10:25 AM by Tim Converse   [ updated Sep 6, 2011, 11:22 AM ]

Meeting will be held at Frank & Sabrina's home on California Street.  Address will be posted on the newsgroup.

We were going to be doing cheese making but Sabrina is not going to be available.  Instead we will have general projects.  We'll be discussing an upcoming demo opportunity as well as the next Falcon's Treaty event.

Falcon's Quest - April 28th, 2012

posted Sep 2, 2011, 10:20 AM by Tim Converse   [ updated Sep 2, 2011, 10:33 AM ]

Falcon's Treaty this year will be a Quest!

The date is set on the calendar.  More information is coming.  In the meantime click here for details of the event and how the quest will be played!

Month Long Mad Dog

posted Jan 20, 2011, 10:51 PM by Tim Converse   [ updated Feb 22, 2013, 10:55 AM by Rory Brooks ]

The Canton of Caer Darth is having a mad dog tourney as part of it's regular Thursday night fighter practice.
We are going to hold "Month Long Mad Dog" tourneys.  The format is simple -- rapier fighters will begin a run of single bouts for a set period of time, counting up one point per fight and an additional point per win.  A designated point will be set up to track the totals.  We'll post them here and at the end of the month the winners in rapier category will win a prize.

If you would like to participate, please contact one of our Marshals to be added to the list.

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