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Falcon's Quest - April 28th, 2012

Vicious monsters, diabolical carnival games, a wise soothsayer and a capricious Faerie Queen. 

Think you have what it takes adventurer? 
Then polish your sword, gather your stalwart band of heros together and see if you can survive The Falcon's Quest!

Date: April 28, 2012
Spring Valley Site
Ed Levin Park
Milpitas, CA
Site Fee:
    Juan Santiago - santiagosmagic (at) gmail (dot) com

The Game:
Falcon's Quest is, first and foremost, a game which is focused on an adventure and the use of Cut & Thrust or Rapier fighting techniques.  There are monsters to fight, puzzles to solve and a goal to achieve.  In order to play you will need to form and register a team using the rules below.

Your team will consist of at least two and up to four players.  Certain types are required, others are optional.
  • Required
    • Marshal - Combat authorized.  Will also act as a "story telling" resource by the game for the team.  May also be a fighter.
      • This person is very important not just for safety concerns but also because they will be given responsibility for a part of the story that will help their team.
    • Fighter - C&T/Rapier authorized.  May not "double up" on roles.
      • Note that while we are aiming to have the fighting be Cut&Thrust, all fighters are Rapier authorized at minimum and if a fighter wished to only fight rapier they may do so.
  • Optional
    • Healer - Can hold "lives" for the fighters and is the one who negotiates with Game Characters and other teams.  May "double up" as a Fighter.
    • Fighter- As above.  Teams may not have more than three fighters in any given fight.
In the case of player roles who can "double up" you may only have two roles.  So you can have an Marshal/Healer or a Healer/Fighter but you can not have an Marshal/Healer/Fighter.

An ideal team structure will be close to the following:
  1. Marshal/Fighter
  2. Marshal/Fighter
  3. Marshal/Fighter
  4. Marshal/Healer
Note that since a team may only have three fighters in any given combat this structure allows for rotation of fighters and still provides a marshal for your team. 

  1. Have fun.
  2. Teams must be registered in advance by contacting the autocrat.
    1. Teams will be listed below.
    2. Advanced Registration will help the autocrat prepare the necessary materials for your team.
  3. Teams may engage in combat with Monsters or other teams.
    1. In any given combat there must be at least one Marshal available.
      1. A team engaging a Monster/Monster Pack will be providing it's marshal for safety.
      2. Two teams engaging each other must each provide a marshal.
        1. Two teams engaging each other may not have more than three fighters on each team in the fight.
        2. If a team wishes to rotate who their marshal is they may do so for the duration of any single fight.
        3. Teams may negotiate the terms of any battle if they wish to in order to even up sides or to extend the over length of their fight.
    2. Combat with another team is resolved either by fighting (standard SCA rules) or by Rock, Scissors, Paper.
      1. Style of combat (Cut & Thrust or Rapier) must be determined before fighting begins.
      2. The winning team may get "something" from the losing team.  
      3. The winning team may designate one person on the opposing team who is "dead" including the Healer.
    3. The Healer may not revive a "dead" player in the middle of a combat.  The combat must be resolved first.
      1. If the Healer is the one designated as "dead" in a combat with Monsters or another team, the team must take their Healer back to a "resurrection point" and spend a life to get their Healer back.
      2. If the team does not have a life to resurrect their Healer they must find a way to earn one before they can restore their healer.
    4. Monsters may travel in packs.
    5. Some Monsters may only be "killed" by special circumstances.
      1. Style of combat (Cut & Thrust or Rapier) must be determined before fighting begins.
      2. Monsters may call off a combat if they judge a team simply can not kill them at the time due to some "in game" condition.
        1. Some Monsters have special conditions required to kill them.
      3. If the team wins the combat they may get some reward from the Monster.
        1. This might be items Game Characters have sent the team on a job for.
      4. If the Monster wins the combat they may either take something away from the team or designate who on the team is actual "dead".
        1. "Dead" players may be revived by the Healer if they Healer has a life to give them.
  4. Teams may not engage in combat with Game Characters.
  5. Game Characters will send teams on "jobs" and will not deal with that team again until the "job" is done.
  6. Game Characters will reward teams for completed "jobs" with one of the following depending on the "job" and at the discretion of the Game Character:
    1. Coin of The Realm
      1. May be used to buy services from certain Game Characters.
      2. May be used to negotiate with other teams.
    2. Lives
      1. May be used to ressurect a team member.
      2. May be used to negotiate with other teams.
    3. Favors
      1. May be used to negotiate with certain Game Characters.
      2. May be used to negotiate with other teams.
    4. Something Specific to that Game Character.
      1. Some Game Characters may have special items or abilities that only they can choose to reward to a team.
  7. The game ends with the first team to satisfy the Secret End Conditions.
  8. Have fun.
  • Should I have anything special with me?
    • Most of what you will need will be provided, however it will be a good idea for your teams Marshal and/or Healer to be carrying a satchel/haversack with them as well as something to write with.  During the course of the game you will be collecting and trading items so having a way to easily carry things will be useful.
    • Also, it would be hugely appreciated if you brought some kind of finger food snack to share with people.  One of the stations which will be set up is a "Tavern" which is going to be used as a "water and snack" station for everyone.  We'd love to be able to supply the whole thing for the day but obviously we can't.  If everyone chips in a little however than there will be plenty for everyone.
      • This is not required, just a request.
      • Think "fighter chow."   
  • How is this game being played?
    • Simply put, you and your team wander around the site and interact with the Game Characters at their various "stations" to find out the story that is going on.  The story will be told in three "phases" and as each "phase" takes place more and more information will come to light.  If you can solve the mystery you will be able to satisfy the Secret End Conditions that set off the final phase of the game.
  • What are the Secret End Conditions?
    • Yes, yes, you're very funny.
  • What is with the "Marshal" as a player?
    • The site is rather spread out in order to have a good quest.  Having a core group of marshals wandering the site in order to have the necessary coverage for any fighting situation is impractical.  So having each team provide it's own marshal means that there will always be one or two available for every combat that takes place.
    • In addition, the marshal is being made into a plot point by being given the appropriate "advanced" knowledge each team needs during each phase of the game.  They become an integral part to the over all telling of the story and will have at their command knowledge of how to interact with the game stations and monsters.
  • Can't I have all my team be fighters?
    • Not really.  Think of it like this -- we are essentially engaged in a type of RPG and not all the player characters are necessarily fighters.  In order to create the same kind of conditions there are Game Characters who will only respond if approached by someone who is one of the other kinds of players.  Also, the game will be more fun with more teams.  If fighters all pile together there are fewer possible teams available as well as making it less likely for people who might like to play but aren't fighter types themselves.  A significant amount of effort has been put into making sure there is a good mix of fighting and non-fighting puzzles so that everyone will be engaged.
  • What is a Game Character and why can't I attack them?
    • A Game Character is not a player on a team but rather part of the story.  They have to be there through the entire story so you can't attack them and eliminate them.  Besides, you never know when you might need them in order to solve a part of the mystery.
  • This monster I'm fighting won't die!  What's going on?
    • Certain monsters may only be defeatable under certain circumstances.  If you don't have the right bit of information then no matter what you do you simply will not be able to defeat that monster.  Your Marshal may know how to identify and defeat particular monsters, but if he or she doesn't than you may have to find another way to get that bit of information.  If all looks hopeless the Monster will tell you and you can bravely run away.
  • Can I use a Rubber Band Gun?
    • Yes, fighters may use an RBG against monsters.
  • What is this "Coin of The Realm" stuff?
    • Some of the stations you can interact with take Coin of The Realm to pay for their services.  Coin of The Realm is useful for negotiating with other teams as well.
  • Why is one of the Game Characters sending me on a "job"?
    • Do you want to earn some Coin of The Realm, or a Favor, or a Life?  Or maybe you'd like a clue to the next thing you need to do in the quest?  Whatever it may be you better do your job.
  • Wait a second!  "Favors" and "Lives"?  What's up with that?
    • If your team has a Healer then they can carry "Lives" for the fighter(s) on your team.  Or they can be used to negotiate with another team, or even be used on a monster.  A "Favor" can be used in similar ways and may also be useful in dealing with Game Characters. 
  • Can I split my team up to get multiple things done at the same time?
    • Nope.  Your team must remain together at all times.  If nothing else, there are monsters wandering around out there and you wouldn't want your unarmed team members to be eaten now would you?
    • Haven't you ever played an RPG or LARP?  NEVER SPLIT THE PARTY!!!!

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