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Canton Events

Falcon's Quest - April 28th, 2012

posted Sep 2, 2011, 10:41 AM by Tim Converse

This year Falcon's Treaty shall be a Quest!

Do you have what it takes stalwart hero?  Click here and find out!

Falcon's Treaty - March 12, 2011

posted Sep 2, 2010, 2:13 PM by Tim Converse   [ updated Feb 26, 2011, 10:17 AM ]

Greetings to one and all who wish to lift their rapiers high!  Come to Falcon’s Treaty to learn the art of defense, fight in tournaments, participate in games of chance, and to fight in Guild Prizes!  So come join us in fighting, games of chance, and much, much more!

Caer Darth is doing this event in part as a demo for the parents and kids of the Waldorf School where we are holding this event.  Please feel free to bring your art projects or other things you would like to be able to display.  Several of the games we want to hold will be done in a manner to allow our guests to try out some of what we do.  If you have questions please contact the autocrats.
Site Fee: $10 members (NMS applies). Please make checks payable to - "SCA, Inc.- Canton of Caer Darth." (Local guests for the demo are free.)
  • Site Opens at 9:00 am
  • Armor Inspection 10:00 am
Games and tourneys for the day will be from the following list:
  • Tourneys
    • Youth Tourney
      • Format to be determined
    • Ladies Tourney
      • Round Robin
    • Wheel of Weapons
      • This is a Double Elimination tournament. Cut & Thrust is an acceptable form if both participants agree to it. Before each fight, the fencers will spin the wheel to decide which weapons form they will take to the field.
  • Games
    • Pin the Scarf on The Don
      • A target is placed within lunging distance of the fencer. The Fencer is then blindfolded, spun around, and reoriented to face target. The person with the closest hit on the “Don” arm wins.
    • Skeet Fencing
      • Multiple balls are tossed into the air. The fencer who is able to hit the most balls before they land wins.
    • Speed Lunging 
      • The fencer with the most lunges in ten seconds wins. Lunges need to be accurate to count.
    • Dodge Lunge 
      • An Assistant lunges at a fencer. The fencer then must void the attack. The fencer with the most successful voids within a minute time wins. Fencers will reset when hit.
    • Footwork Footraces 
      • Various footwork drills will be set up. The fencers will then attempt to do the footwork properly from Point A to Point B. The fencer with the best form and time wins.
  • Melees
    • Freeze Tag
    • Three Man
      • Single elimination; best two of three; Death From Behind (DFB) is allowed. Bring two of your best comrades and crush all who oppose you!
    • Food Fight 
      • Resurrection battle; Single Sword only; Death From Behind (DFB) is allowed. Fighters present will be placed into one of three groups. The team with the best time wins. While Groups “A” and “B” fight, group “C” assist with the marshaling. Then the teams switch until all have had a chance to play against each other. The teams fighting are attempting to gather all of the food in their bin. No throwing food; fighters must hand deliver the food to their team’s bin. If a fighter dies, then they must immediately drop any food they might have been carrying and head for their team’s resurrection point. To resurrect, the fighter must remove one piece of food from their team’s bin and deliver it to the marshal’s bin. If there is food in their team’s bin, fighters can not choose to not resurrect, unless for safety purposes. The team marshaling will ensure the fighters are safe and deliver any of the food used for resurrection back into the game.
A Lunch Break will be called approximately 1:00 pm.

Additional Demonstrations:
We will have a number of additional demonstrations including:
  • Medieval Foods
  • Spinning Wool
    • Drop Spindle
    • Spinning Wheels
  • Costumes

Santa Cruz Waldorf School
2190 Empire Grade, Santa Cruz CA 95060   


  • Staffan Arffruidson
    • 1-925-858-3562 (no calls after 9:00 pm)
  • Juan Santiago
    • santiagosmagic (at) gmail (dot) com
    • 1-615-624-4251 (no calls after 9:00 pm)


Take your best route to Highway 1/Mission St in Santa Cruz. Turn on to Bay St heading towards UC Santa Cruz. Turn left on to High St. Follow High Street and stay on it as it becomes Empire Grade. The Waldorf School will be approximately 2.5 miles up Empire Grade on the right side marked by a large Waldorf sign.

Knights Errant in Caer Darth - Sept 4th, 2010

posted Aug 2, 2010, 9:07 PM by Tim Converse   [ updated Sep 1, 2010, 1:00 PM ]

Updated Information!
Knights Errant will be this weekend 9/4 at De Laveaga Park in santa cruz. We have reserved the Twisted Tree site and will Mark the roads as well as the site for ease of locating us. There are BBQ Pits on site and I will be providing BBQ meat and some Drinks. Please bring sides or food to share if you feel generous.

There is no site fee. Relax with friends and fight till your hearts content.  Fighting starts around Noonish. Site opens at 9 am I will be there to grab space to fight. There is a large open field and a children's play area with equipment.
This is a mundane event, so wear your shorts and bring some sunscreen. We expect it to be a beautiful sunny Santa Cruz Day! Bring your chairs for out on the field, there are picnic tables in the BBQ site. If you need more information feel free to contact me offlist, or if you need to, I can be contacted @ 831-247-2376. I am hoping these map links will help you all locate us. Once you are on Branciforte Dr. there are park signs.

Take your best route to Highway 1 to santa cruz and Exit on the Morrissey blvd exit. The exit will clover back under the overpass from the north, exit either direction then turn left onto Rooney St. and follow, it will turn right becoming Gilbert Ln. Turn Left onto Goss Ave and follow it down the hill. Turn Right onto Branciforte Dr. and follow it up into the hills. The park entrance is on the Right and should say " DeLaveaga Park" on it , in bright yellow letters. I hope this helps.
I hope to see as many Darkwoodians there as possible. I cant say enough how great an opportunity this is for us to train with the Knights Errant.
Yours in Service,
Jared Galen
Darkwood Marshal
Hail Darkwood!
Pencil it on your Calender NOW September 4th, labor day weekend! Thanks to Mari Alexander, the Knights Errant will be in Caer Darth for a day of fighting, training and teaching. I am going to be arranging a site soon, and will nail down specific details. I wanted to get this out on the air as soon as I could so those of you who want to come and play have PLENTY of time to make arrangements. This will be an incredible opportunity to fight and train with Knights from around the Kingdom. Fighters Do not pass up this opportunity! Come out and show what Darkwood fighters are all about, train and learn something new or refine something you been working on. We are also thoroughly considering throwing down some serious BBQ! We plan to start suiting up around Noonish and fighting till we cant stand up anymore. Some where in all that stick swinging, we will BBQ some grub. I encourage all the fighters in Darkwood to do their best to come out and join us. This is a Rare opportunity...did I say that enough? This is a rare opportunity!
and we get to all play with sticks and not have to wear our garb! Casual Day, just come and have fun!
I will have more info, and a site soon, I promise!
Jared Galen
Darkwood Marshal.

I have a site reserved now for this event. the address is 
De La Veaga Park
Forty Thieves Picnic Area 
850 Branciforte Dr.
Santa Cruz
CA, 95060
Dont confuse N. Branciforte Ave. for Branciforte Dr....they are a couple blocks apart, and one goes into the front of the park, the other around the back. I suggest you map quest or Google directions, because If I post directions up here I'm gonna get you all lost!( I am directionally challenged) There is not a site fee for this one. I took care of the site. However, we are gonna BBQ some meat...Bring Sides to contribute, Drinks, Ice, Ect. This is a casual social event, and we are mostly getting together to fight and practice heavy with the Knights Errant. We start Noonish, site opens @ 11am to set up. we plan to fight for a while and break to eat grub, and then maybe fight some more...or something like that.
Hope to get as many Darkwood fighters as possible. would be a great opportunity for us all
Jared Galen

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