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Baronesses' Masked Ball - Sept 11th, 2010

posted Sep 2, 2010, 2:05 PM by Tim Converse   [ updated Sep 7, 2010, 6:16 PM ]
The Barony of Darkwood has the privilege of hosting Persephone's going
away party as she joins her husband Hades for the Winter. Persephone
has requested a Ball in her Honor and Hades has insisted on playing
host and opened a hall in the Underworld to accommodate our party.
Persephone has graciously agreed to provide a meat dish, and suggests
all guests bring their side dishes to share to avoid any … unintended
consequences. A mask making class will be held and is strongly
encouraged for those without masks to attend because Hades is fond of
masked Balls. Hades has also remarked that he is a fan of games, so
period games will be offered as entertainment as well. If you have
games, please bring them to add to the festivities. A silent auction
will be held as well. Come and enjoy our warm hospitality as we
celebrate the reunion of Hades and Persephone!

** The Barony accepts no liabilityfor any accidents or contracts
incurred during said Ball, the responsibilities and liabilities rest
solely on the individual. Please, no pomegranates.

Monterey College of Law's 
Community Justice Center 
2620 Col Durham Street 
Seaside, CA 93955

Please note that the Parking Lot at the Community Justice Center is for loading 
& unloading, handicapped, and Royalty Parking. The main parking lot for the 
populace is on Malmedy. Watch for Signs.

Note: If Using a navigation device use the intersection of Colonel Durham & 
Malmedy, due to City of Seaside renumbering addresses, they don't always get you 

From the North (of Marina): Take your best route to Hwy 1 South to 
***Lightfighter Dr (exit 406), go forward through all Lights, at stop sign ( 
which is at Col Durham) turning left will get you to the site the Second 
building up the street to unload. The City of Seaside doesn't number their 
streets coherently. To get to the Event Parking lot, go back to stop sign and 
turn left (Malmedy) (it would have been forward initially) and the parking lot 
is on your right. 

From Monterey: Take Hwy 1 North to ***
Hades has requested certain activities to entertain his guests for the
event. I took his requests into consideration and came up with a modified
list for maximum guest surviv... uh, enjoyment!

There will be dancing, and dance classes will be held earlier in the day for
guest to refresh themselves on the period dances Hades has requested. We
hope to have live musicians for the dance but after the Orpheus incident,
all of our inquiries have, so far, been politely declined.

There will be a mask making class, for those who have never attended a
masked ball or have misplaced their favorite mask.

There will be a silent auction. I have reviewed the parameters with
my assistants and I can assure everyone that the misunderstanding of the
'silent' part has been cleared up and any incidents that may or may not have
happened last time will not repeated at this event.

There will be period games. All guests are encouraged to bring their own
games because Hades's games can be, *cough cough* a bit too intense for

My counterpart Panic should be posting information about the potluck

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